Kingston 16GB DataTraveler Locker+ G2 USB Drive Review

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A Data Vault In Your Pocket

With the increasing awareness of the need for protection of personal data to mitigate ID theft and fraud, consumers are gravitating towards solutions that add security but aren’t too cumbersome or intrusive. With many of us toting around sensitive data on removable media from home to school or work, the opportunity for loss or theft is a very real possibility. It’s not just confidential information at stake either. Personal files such as potentially embarrassing pictures or video that may end up on public websites aren’t really things you’ll want others to have access to. Fortunately, Kingston has a secure, easy, and affordable solution with their DataTraveler Locker+ G2 USB 2.0 flash drives. We received a 16GB version to test out and give our impressions.

Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 16GB

These drives are available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacities with MSRPs of $18, $21, $37, and $82 respectively. Data security is handled through 256-bit AES hardware encryption and utilizes a user-friendly password GUI solution for unlocking the device. All of the encryption happens behind the scenes so the user has nothing extra to do once unlocking the drive via password. Since all of the security happens on the drive itself, users of the modern versions of Windows as well as Mac OS X can use the drive without compatibility issues. They’re not really considered speed demons with reads of 10MB/s and writes of 5MB/s but safeguarding your data is the main function of the drive.

Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 16GB

Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 Features and Specifications:

  • Automatically protects all data stored
  • Hardware encryption keeps data safe
  • Superior password protection
  • Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP & Mac
  • Capacities: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
  • Speed: 10MB/s read, 5MB/s write
  • Hardware encryption: the best in personal security to keep your data safe
  • Superior password protection: user sets a password to prevent unauthorized access
  • Versatile: works interchangeably between Mac OS X and Windows
  • Secure: drive locks down and re-formats after 10 invalid login attempts
  • Easy to use: no application installation required
  • Compatibility: Interchangeable between Mac OS X and Windows systems
  • Minimum System Requirements:
  • USB 2.0 compliant and 3.0 compatible
  • Two (2) free consecutive drive letters required for use
  • Guaranteed: five-year warranty, free technical support
  • Customizable: Co-Logo program available
  • Dimensions: 2.28″ x 0.73″ x 0.38″ (58.00mm x 18.6mm x 9.75mm)
  • Operating Temperature: 32F to 140F (0C to 60C)
  • Storage Temperature: -4F to 185F (-20C to 85C)
  • Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 16GB

    The drive comes with minimal packaging and only one accessory – a lanyard lead that can be attached to the hole located at the end of the drive.

    Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 16GB

    Instructions for setup of the software are not included in the packaging but Kingston does note on the interior of the packaging that this can be found online; although the drive was just released and it appears nothing has been posted as of yet. However, even the most technology challenged user should be able to follow the nice setup wizard Kingston uses to get everything ready for use as we’ll look at on the next page.

    Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 16GB

    On the tip of the business end of the drive lies the part number and capacity which is always a helpful reference should tech support be needed at some time in the lifetime of the drive. The capacity is also printed on the drive shell.

    Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 16GB

    While in use, a blue LED illuminates to show I/O activity which is always handy to have to ensure it’s not in use when unplugged. The rounded, aluminum case is very attractive and feels substantial in your hand although it’s not overly large. It certainly feels like it can take some abuse. For those wondering, the cap does not fit on the end of the drive which has an opening for a lanyard or attachment to a clip or keychain.

    Kingston DataTraveler Locker+ G2 16GB

    The model name is printed on one side of the drive in white with the Kingston name being etched on the opposite side. Total length with the cap is 2.28″ with the width being 0.73″ and thickness a mere 0.38″. The overall weight is 0.90 ounces (25g). Now, let’s have a look at the setup of the software and the test system.

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