Kate Upton’s Super Bowl Ad For Mercedes Sizzles on YouTube

Mercedes-Benz is branching out and trying to reach a new demographic with the Mercedes-Benz CLA by using Kate Upton to go after the football-watching crowd in the U.S. Last night in Manhattan, the Mercedes team gathered at the Ainsworth Park to reveal its Kate Upton Super Bowl TV spot for the CLA, which tries to hit home the brand’s new affordability. The Mercedes-Benz CLA compact sedan goes for under $30,000. When it comes to technology the CLA has a 5.8-inch screen running Mercedes-Benz’s mbrace2 is standard, but you can upgrade to a 7-inch screen with Mercedes’ COMAND system (sorry, we had to get some geek tech in here). That said, take a look at Kate Upton washing the all-new Mercedes-Benz CLA in slow motion!


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