Jonathan ‘Fatal1ty’ Wendel Signs Snack Food Deal With GamerFood – Fatal1ty Gaming Snacks

It looks like Johnathan Wendel has approved a deal between the Fatal1ty Brand and GamerFood, Inc. that has paved the way to launch a line of energy gaming food products that caters to the needs of video gamers. The initial collection will include snacks such as Cashews of Chaos (honey roasted cashews), Nuts of Destruction (ancho chili lime-flavored peanuts) and Seeds of Victory (original sunflower seeds). Exclusive Fata1ty branded products will be developed and released this coming spring. Soon, you will be able to eat your Fata1ty snacks while gaming on your Fata1ty hardware! We couldn’t make this stuff up, but hats off to Fata1ty for continuing to grow his brand and having the ability to move into new areas to continue the growth.

Fata1ty Snacks

“I am excited to partner with GamerFood, because I felt snacks for gamers have been seriously lacking in this industry and I loved their mission to create the ultimate gaming lifestyle food,” said Johnathan Wendel, also known as Fatal1ty”. Packed with protein and antioxidants on top of the energy supplements, GamerFood energizes and fills you up during intense gaming sessions. It provides a sustaining energy that is key for pro and casual gamers who want to perform at their best.”


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