Is Your Linksys SD2008 Switch Overheating or Losing Connectivity?

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Linksys SD2008 Temperature Testing

Intrigued by what I thought was a temperature drop, I grabbed my volt meter and used the thermal diode to check the temperature of the heat sink that is located in both switches.

Linksys SD2008 Gigabit Switch Version 2.2

The Linksys SD2008 v2.2 Gigabit Switch was found to be running at 56C (132F) when transferring files between two systems on the local area network.

Linksys SD2008 Gigabit Switch Version 3.0

Using the same exact testing method on the Linksys SD2008 Gigabit Switch, I found the temperature would top out at just 45C (113F)!  This is an 11C drop in temperature, which means that the v2.2 switch is 24.4% hotter than the v3.0 switch.

Linksys SD2008 Power Consumption Testing

To confirm the test results, I tested the power consumption of both switches at the wall and the v2.2 switch consumed 4W during use and the v3.0 switch uses 3W.  This is a 25% reduction in power consumption and confirms why we are seeing the significant temperature drop. The reduction in power consumption and temperature is sure to help the longevity of the switch as Linksys more than likely wouldn’t have made the changes if they were not needed.

Final Thoughts and Conclusions:

If you already own the Linksys SD2008 and are having issues with it remember the switch has a limited lifetime warranty, so you shouldn’t be stuck with a faulty product. The newer Linksys SD2008 v3.0 switches are more power efficient and put out far less heat than the older v2.x series that so many people are having issues with. The Linksys SD2008 switch has been around since 2004 and has undergone a few major ‘revisions’ over the years.  While I haven’t used any other versions than 2.2 and 3.0, I can only say that so far the Linksys SD2008 v3.0 is hands down better than the v2.2 switch as it works and the feet aren’t melting off!

Legit Bottom Line: It seems that the Linksys SD2008 Gigabit version 2 switches have a heat issue that was addressed and improved upon by Linksys in the version 3.0 release.

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