iPhone 8 tipped as the only New iPhone to Get a Steel Body

We all know at this point that Apple has some new iPhones coming. Rumors suggest that there will be three new devices with the more basic devices being the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus. The third device is expected to be a very high-end and feature packed smartphone called the iPhone 8 to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone launch.

A new rumor circulating today suggests that the iPhone 8 may be the only new iPhone of the trio that is fitted with a glass and steel body. We reported yesterday that the iPhone 8 has also been tipped to get a curved OLED screen made by Samsung Display. Apple ordered up another 60 million screens recently according to reports.

Apple may finally lure those folks who haven’t seen a worthy upgrade in more recent iPhone devices to finally upgrade to the iPhone 8. The catch is that the cost for the iPhone 8 has been rumored at around $1,000. With carriers no longer offering subsidies on phones, if the price rumor is accurate your phone bill will go up significantly to cover the cost of the new smartphone.

A large chunk of that cost is said to be the screen. There will be users of the iPhone 4 out there that remember that glass and steel bodied smartphone that was able to crack on the front and back if you dropped it. Hopefully the iPhone 8 won’t have this issue thanks to modern glass. The steel body might be needed to help facilitate wireless charging.