iPhone 8 Leaks from Multiple Sources Allege Only Slight Curves for Screen

A couple days ago I mentioned that rumors were swirling that the iPhone 8 might not get that curved screen that has been rumored for so long. That was the big feature that many people were hoping for and now only a couple days later there are several more reports from typically reliable sources cropping up that say Apple has ditched plans for that curved OLED.

According to Forbes, Japanese publication Nikkei has stated that while the iPhone 8 will have a slight curve to the edges of the device, that curve won’t be similar to what Samsung uses on its Galaxy S7 Edge device. The publication also states that the slightly curved edges of the iPhone 8 will bring with it no additional functionality.

Nikkei’s Debby Wu wrote, “The curve will be gentler than screens in Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge handsets. This is partly due to the challenges of making curved glass covers to match screens, according to the source. While the curved screen will allow a viewable area of about 5.2 inches and make the iPhone even sleeker, it will not offer significant new functions, the person said.”

Forbes also cites MacRumors as having confirmed the report from Nikkei stating the iPhone 8 will have a slightly curved screen along the left and right edges to conform with a layer of 2.5D glass that covers the display. Apparently there was a prototype with a heavily curved screen that Apple abandoned.

This is certainly not something that iPhone fans want to hear, but Forbes claims that Samsung will reduce the amount of curve on the Galaxy S8 compared to the Galaxy S7 due to functional issues with such curved screens for users. With a curved screen looking highly unlikely, I’m not sure what Apple will do to justify the massive $1,000 price tag rumored for the iPhone 8.