Intel Unleashes Conroe: X6800 and E6700 Reviewed

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Conroe Pricing

Five Intel Conroe parts will ship initially: the E6300, E6400, E6600, E6700, and X6800. All of these parts follow Intel’s new processor numbering scheme, introduced when the Core Duo mobile processor family arrived earlier this year. The five dual-core Conroe processors are clocked at 1.86, 2.13, 2.40, 2.67GHz and 2.93GHz, respectively, run on a 1066MHz front side bus and contain either 2MB or 4MB of cache shared between the two cores.

Intel Core 2 Duo Processor

The ‘E’ in the naming scheme indicates a power envelope of 50W or more (just like the mobile Core Duo’s ‘T’, indicating a maximum power consumption of 24-49W). The ‘X’ in the naming scheme stands for the processor being the top of the line Extreme Edition model. Unlike the mobile Core Duo and Core Solo, the desktop chips have naming scheme distinction between the number of cores. The number of cores in the Core T2300 and Core T1300 is indicated by first number after the ‘T’ – that’s not the case with Conroe, though ‘Merom’, its mobile counterpart, will make such a distinction. This will make more sense if and when Intel will launch the rumored part called Core E4200, which might be a single-core Conroe-based part clocked at 1.6GHz and supporting an 800MHz FSB.

Intel has priced their Conroe Processors right where we are used to seeing their prices start at so if you can handle the old Pentium D prices then this chart will not be a shocker to anyone.

July 23rd Price
X6800 2.93GHz 1066MHz 4M LGA775 $999
E6700 2.67GHz 1066MHz 4M LGA775 $530
E6600 2.4GHz 1066MHz 4M LGA775 $316
E6400 2.13GHz 1066MHz 2M LGA775 $224
E6300 1.86GHz 1066MHz 2M LGA775 $183
945 3.4GHz 800MHz 2x2M LGA775 $163
915 2.8GHz 800MHz 2x2M LGA775 $133
820 2.8GHz 800MHz 2x1M LGA775 $113
805 2.66Ghz 533MHz 2x1M LGA775 $93

Now that we know what the upcoming prices will be let’s take a look at our test system.

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