Intel To Release Haswell Processors & 8 Series Chipsets in April 2013

Digitimes is reporting that Intel is planning on releasing the companies next-generation 8 series chipsets along with Haswell-based processors in April 2013. This makes perfect sense as the current-generation Ivy Bridge-based processors and their 7 series chipsets were only released in April 2012. PC demand in third-quarter 2012 is rather weak, motherboard makers believe Ivy Bridge’s shipments should reach their peak in the fourth quarter of 2012 around the time Windows 8 will be launched. Intel Haswell processors are being build for socket LGA 1150 (socket H3), so get ready for a new socket. Rumors are flying around that Haswell might support DDR4 memory, so we might start seeing some motherboards featuring DDR4 memory sometime in 2013.

In April 2013, Intel will first launch performance- and mainstream-level Haswell processors, and will release Z87 and H87 to replace the existing Z77, Z75 and H77 chipsets. The entry-level H81 chipsets will be released in June 2013 to replace the existing H61 chipset. For enterprise chipsets, Intel will release Q87, Q85 and B85 with Q87 to also support Intel’s vPro technology.

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