Intel Shows D975XBX2 BIOS and QX6700 Overclocking

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Overclocking Quad QX6700

After setting everything up in the BIOS like pictured above a few final adjustments were made (1333MHz FSB Strap, with an increased multiplier of 11) the system was restarted and when it posted our Intel Core 2 Quad QX6700 processor was no longer a 2.66GHz quad-core processor it was now a monster running at 3.66GHz!

D975XBX2 'Bad Axe 2' Motherboard Overclocking

On a pre-production motherboard equipped with a beta BIOS and a pre-production QX6700 processor a 1GHz overclock was achieved like it was no big deal. Not only was it shocking to see how easy it was to get I was shocked that Intel was showing this at IDF before quad-core is officially out for the public to buy.

D975XBX2 'Bad Axe 2' Motherboard Benchmarking

I guess it wasn’t really ‘Intel’ presenting it was two enthusiasts that just happen to be Intel employees!  I’d like to thank Dan Ragland and Jeff Bake (as seen above) for allowing Legit Reviews to watch them take Bad Axe 2 for a test drive and do their overclocking magic.  It’s always good to see those that helped design the product out using it and pushing the limits of what it can do.  With employees like Dan and Jeff hiding in the ranks of Intel enthusiasts around the world can rest assured they have their ‘own’ bringing out products that will be enthusiast friendly. It should also be pointed out that Intel used their own watercooler on the test system and that we would guess overclocks like this are best done with water cooling. If you look in the case window pictured above you can see the tubes coming off the waterblock in the test system that was used.

D975XBX2 'Bad Axe 2' Motherboard Cinebench

In closing we’d like to show you one benchmark that we were able to see run on the above system.  With the Intel Core 2 Quad QX6700 processor we were able to see Cinebench 2003 complete the CPU Benchmark with all cores rendering the image in a short 13.4 seconds!  I highly advise you to download Cinebench 2003 if you can find the dated benchmark (9.5 is current) and try this out at home and then you’ll understand just how fast 13.4 seconds really is! For those that don’t have the time to try it out our Dell XPS M1710 gaming notebook with the T7600 (Merom) processor completes the benchmark in 31 seconds, the Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor completes the benchmark in 22 seconds and the fastest offering by AMD (Athlon 64 FX-62) finishes the benchmark slower than our notebook at 35.6 seconds. Now does 13.4 seconds sound fast?

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