Intel Shows D975XBX2 BIOS and QX6700 Overclocking

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Perfomance BIOS Settings

D975XBX2 'Bad Axe 2' Motherboard BIOS Performance

Moving a couple tabs over in the BIOS under the the title performance a much cleaner page is found and this is where enthusiasts and overclockers are going to spend the majority of their time.

D975XBX2 'Bad Axe 2' Motherboard BIOS Processor Overrides

Entering the menu for “Processor Overrides’ one can find all the tools needed to overclock the processor. The BIOS for Bad Axe 2 shows you the math behind the system settings, which is handy for novice overclockers.  Not much else to say on this screen other than it’s where you change the multiplier, FSB frequency, voltages, and FSB Latch. 

D975XBX2 'Bad Axe 2' Motherboard Vcore Voltages

Speaking of voltages this BIOS version goes from 1.2875V to 1.600V on the vCore, but ours was manually set to 1.5375V as we are overclocking the Intel Core 2 Quad QX6700 processor as you will see in a little bit.

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