Intel Shows Atom Z3770 Baytrail Processor Performance on Cinebench

We missed it last week, but we learned that Intel Engineer Francois Piednoël tweeted a Cinebench score for Baytrail. The Cinebench CPU score is for the unannounced Intel Atom Z3770, a quad-core Silvermont based (4C/4T) Baytrail processor. The clock speeds are unknown, but the benchmark shows 1.47Ghz, so you can assume that it will be running over 2GHz when in turbo mode. The multithreaded Cinebench 11.5 test score was shown as being 1.47 pts. We can guess that the single core performance would be around 0.37 pts, which is impressive for being a test run on a tablet.

Francois said that Baytrail could be a game changer. We hope to learn more this week at the Intel Developer Form and hear from Intel’s new CEO Brian Krzanich for the very first time!

#baytrail is about to change the game in #tablet , there are plenty more surprises to come, Process tech is key…

Intel BayTrail Cinebench