Intel Ivy Bridge Processor Overclocked To 7GHz

Intel has a new king in terms of overclocking; apparently the new “Ivy Bridge” Core i7-3770k managed to hit an astounding 7 Ghz. This was achieved using 1.889 Volts on a 63x multiplier at 112.11 MHz on the bus for a 7.06 Ghz overclock using dry ice. While the Ivy Bridge Core processors might end up a bit late, their performance and overclocking looks solid, and with prices shaping up to be similar to current Sandy Bridge CPUs the future looks promising for enthusiasts.

Ivy Bridge 7GHz CPUZ

It’s not available to us mere press and plebes, but alleged internal benchmarks show a walloping 100% overclock—from 3.5 GHz to 7. The method required an insane dry ice contraption, of course, but still!


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