Intel introduces iWindscreenWiper?, iChef? and iFlexyDesktopMobos?

 SOURCES SAID Intel is likely to introduce its 6XX family of desktop processors in week nine of 2005. As we’ve revealed before, the first processors will be at speeds of between 3GHz to 3.6GHz. The chip giant is hoping to introduce the 3.8GHz version in the second quarter. All these processors have 2MB of level two cache and the chip giant has been busy sampling them since the middle of November.

They also all support iAMD64, or EM64T, as Intel calls 64-32 tech, and hyperthreading. The firm is encouraging its channels to market to sell up the 6XX chips over the 5XX on cache, and on branding, as well as using the XD (execute disable) bit, which AMD describes as the NX bit, and which will stop certain kinds of viral attack.

SSE3 is also being pushed as providing improved multimedia for software applications that can take account of it, while EM64T promises support for future 64-bit applications. The 2MB level two cache will provide better gaming, Intel says.”


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