Intel Extends Enterprise-Grade CPUs With New Xeons and Pentiums

During this quarter, Intel will launch two new entrants in the Xeon E5 CPU families. The Xeon E5-4600 series will support quad processor servers on socket R (LGA2011), while the Xeon E5-2400 processors will fit the cheaper socket B2 (LGA1356) platform, but they will be limited to single and dual processing. Later this year, Intel plans on releasing two Pentium CPUs for LGA1356 that are off the current roadmap, with these chips having processor numbers 1403 and 1407.

Pentium 1403 and 1407 will support single-processing only. The microprocessors will have two CPU cores and 5 MB L3 cache. Pentium 1403 will operate at 2.6 GHz, and the 1407 model will run 200 MHz faster, at 2.8 GHz. The CPUs will work with DDR3 memory with 1066 MHz data rate, and fit into 80 Watt thermal envelope. We don’t have information on what technologies will be supported by these processors, however we suspect that like other Pentium-branded SKUs, they won’t have Hyper-Threading, Turbo Boost and Vpro features enabled. Release date for these part is unknown.


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