Intel DX58SO X58 Express Chipset Motherboard Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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The Intel DX58SO motherboard was just an awesome board to work with.  It made the transition to Core i7 easy and enjoyable.  We had absolutely no issues at all using the board.  It met all expectations that one would have with an Intel board.

As we looked at performance on this board it was very good, and it shows how much promise there is with the X58 express chipset and the Core i7 CPU.  If you are looking for a power boost in performance, you will find it here!

The layout and setup of the board were just fine.  It was a little unusual for the DDR3 slots to be placed at the top of the board, but it was not an issue.  I did not care for the placement of the 8-pin 12v connector on this board, but once again, that was just a preference and did not get in the way on our test bench.  I could see it being an issue for those using cases that are large though, as your connector may not be able to reach.  Setup was also very easy.  It just worked, which is always a nice surprise!

The bundle that comes with the Intel DX58SO was just ok.  Our board came straight from Intel and was not a retail packaged board, so we had to go to a few retail sites to see what all comes with the board.  We were not “WOWED” by the package, but it is nice to get the game Ghost Recon2 with the board.  There are not a lot of boards out there that come with games anymore!

Pricing for the board was actually VERY good.  At the time of this article, the board was selling for right around $249.99, which is $50 cheaper than the ASRock SuperComputer motherboard that we looked at.  With that kind of price difference, it certainly would be wise for the user to make sure he does his homework as he shops around.

Overclocking on the board was about as easy as it gets.  We were able to get over 4GHz, which is just amazing!  The combination of this motherboard and the overclocked Core i7 were nothing short of awesome!  I would still like to have a little more control over some of the voltages and frequency speeds in the BIOS, but it is hard to complain about 4GHz!

Legit Bottom Line: The Intel DX58SO is an amazing motherboard that is priced lower than many of the other boards out there.  It is a great performer that becomes even better than great because of its overclocking ability!  This one is on the short list for sure!

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