Intel DP55WG and DP55KG P55 Motherboards Benchmarked

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

Intel DP55WG Motherboard

The performance of
the boards was absolutely fantastic.  From setup to testing, these boards both were easy to use and scored very well in all of our testing.  This has become and expectation of Intel branded boards, and these two are certainly not going to be an exception.

The bundles of the boards are not really anything to write home about.  They are pretty plain and simple, but are certainly enough to get you going. Usually this is an area that would set boards apart from one another, so this is something to consider when making your purchase.

The layout of each board was very good!  In fact, we had no issues with how the boards were designed at all.  Everything seemed to be well thought out and placed ideally.

Overclocking of the boards was good and really good.  The Intel DP55WG board was a good overclocker.  Anytime you get over a 1GHz overclock it is hard to complain!  The Intel DP55KG was a great overclocker, as it allowed us to get over 4.0GHz with an Intel Core i5 750 retail boxed processor that we bought own our own. 

Pricing of the boards at time of press was right at $140 for the Intel DP55WG motherboard and $200 for the DP55KG motherboard. These boards are priced very competitively with our brands.  If you are out to get an Intel branded board, you have to ask yourself if it is worth getting the KG over the WG board for the $60 price premium.  The answer depends on if you need the extra USB, eSATA, bluetooth and enhanced overclocking features that you get from the KG.  If you do, then certainly the KG is a great pick.  If you do not need those things, you will not be disappointed with the WG board.

Legit Bottom Line: Intel has once again created a couple of boards that will keep the Intel loyalists happy.  Both the Intel DP55Wg and DP55KG motherboards are solid, great performers and make for a great computing experience!

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