Intel Demonstrates 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate Transistors

Intel has posted up a video that shows 22nm processors running in notebook, desktop and server applications. We can assume that the notebook demo shown in the clip below is of an Ivy Bridge platform, which is the 22nm die shrink of Sandy Bridge. Ivy Bridge will support PCI Express 3.0 and we can’t wait to see what it can do once it’s released. Rumor has it that Intel is targeting a 30% graphics performance and 20% CPU performance boost compared to Sandy Bridge and we all know how powerful that platform is!

This video was shot inside the Intel headquarters demo labs during preparation for the first public demonstration of a laptop, desktop and server running microprocessors built with Intel’s reinvented transistors. These new, smaller 22-nanometer transistors hae been built with a novel 3-D design that significantly increases each transitor’s current flow. The better the flow, the better the performance.

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