Intel delays consumer Larrabee graphics processor release

Intel is delaying the commercial release of its Larrabee graphics processor, which had been due out next year, and is not providing a new launch date. The company originally planned to start selling the many-core chip sometime in 2010, but has fallen behind where it hoped to be in Larrabee’s development, an Intel spokesman said Friday. He did not provide a more detailed reason for the delay. We are now hearing rumors that Intel has given up on the idea for consumer graphics cards altogether. This means that Larrabee will not be launched as a standalone discrete graphics product, but rather be used as a software development platform for internal and external use. This is interesting news as Legit Reviews was present during the when Intel demonstrated Larrabee at this years developer forum. While this is sad news for Intel, it is great news for AMD and NVIDIA who don’t have to worry about competition from Intel in the discrete graphics card market in the months to come.

Intel delays Larrabee graphics processor

Larrabee will be Intel’s first discrete graphics processor. It has characterized it as a many-core processor that will be able to perform the same type of tasks as a multicore CPU, but deliver more parallelism by offering more pipelines to process data. The chip will be based on the x86 architecture and will be capable of full graphics-processing capabilities. It is designed to compete with offerings from Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices, which offer graphics chips for gaming and high-performance applications.

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