Intel Core I7 950 3.06GHz Quad Core Processor Review

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Overclocking the Intel Core I7 950

Overclocking greatly varies due to what hardware is being used and who is doing the overclocking. Always remember that no two pieces of hardware will perform the same, so our results will differ from what you might be able to get.

Intel Core I7 950 CPUz

With stock BIOS settings, the Intel Core I7 950 processor runs with a 133MHz bus speed (base clock) and an x23.0 multiplier and x24 multiplier with turbo enabled that is used to reach the final core clock of 3.2GHz when all the cores are at full load. We have had the Intel Core I7 950 to 4.2GHz+ previously, unfortunately we were limited by heat. Now that we have remedied that issue by running a Thermalright Venomous X CPU cooler, let’s see if we can pust the Intel Core I7 950 just a bit further!

Intel Core I7 950 Overclocked CPUz

Four Thousand Three Hundred and Thirty Four Megahertz! After a little bit of work, a little bit of time, some great cooling from the Thermalright Venomous X we were able to break past the 4.3GHz mark for a final overclock of 4334MHz. With the multiplier at x23 I was having difficulty gaining stability past the 4.3GHz mark. In order to combat this we  dropped the multiplier back to 22 brought the Bus speed to 197MHz, voltage was sitting at a comfortable 1.325 Volts and we were golden!

Now that we have a couple of stable overclock settings, we can see what kind of improvement we can expect.

Intel Core I7 950 Overclocking Results

Once all is said and done, we were able to knock off 26.3% of the time in wPrime!

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