Intel Core i7-8809G Kaby Lake Processor With Vega Graphics Announced

Intel India jumped the gun ever so slightly by posting up specifications for the Intel Core i7-8809G unlocked desktop processor! The table shows that this processor has AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH Graphics, so this could be the first processor by Intel using custom GPU cores supplied by AMD based on the VEGA architecture with HBM2 memory! Intel announced that they would producing a handful of 8th generation Core processors custom GPU cores supplied by AMD back in November, so this makes since and it was posted on an Intel website.

Intel Core i7-8809G Processor SpecsThe specifications table also show that the Intel Core i7-8809G will be a 4-core, 8-thread processor with a base clock of 3.1 GHz and a rumored boost clock of 4.1 GHz. Many expect the Intel Core i7-8809G processor to be based on the Kaby Lake architecture. The processor also sports  Intel HD Graphics 630 IGP and dual-channel memory support up to DDR4-2400. So, you’ll have two GPUs on this processor! Another interesting tidbit is the fact that this processor has a ‘100W Target Package’ for the TDP and that would be for both the CPU and the GPU. The Radeon RX Vega M GH GPU is rumored to have 4GB of HMB2 memory that is clocked at 800 MHz.

‘The new product, which will be part of our 8th Gen Intel Core family, brings together our high-performing Intel Core H-series processor, second generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) and a custom-to-Intel third-party discrete graphics chip from AMD’s Radeon Technologies Group* – all in a single processor package.’

Since Intel stated back in November that these new processors will be using Intel Core H-Series processors we can assume the CPU portion of the SoC will consume about 45W. That would mean the AMD Vega GPU would be using around 55W. That could be enough for a 20CU Vega design. That should be pretty powerful for games and this processor will likely have the best graphics performance ever released by Intel.

Intel 8th Generation CPU with AMD Radeon Vega Graphics

Intel 8th Generation CPU with AMD Radeon Vega Graphics


With a processor like that it will be interesting to see how it games and mines alt coins. We’ve been playing around mining Monero with AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 and AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition cards with good success lately. With Intel controlling the drivers for their processors we doubt many of the beta blockchain drivers will ever work on this new series. We also expect to see Intel’s upcoming NUC platform called Hades Canyon to use a processor or two like this. Intel had a leaked roadmap from earlier this year that showed locked 66W and 100W parts were coming Hades Canyon that would make the Intel NUC gaming and VR-capable!

More details and actual product will likely be shown off at CES 2018 next week.