Intel Core i7-875K 2.93GHz Unlocked Quad-Core Processor Review

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Core i7 875K CPU-Z

Intel Core i7 875K Lynnfield Processor Idle

Here is a look at the Intel Core i7-875K processor sitting at an idle
state on the desktop of our Windows 7 64-bit test system. Notice
that the processor is only running at 1.2 GHz thanks to Intel’s
SpeedStep and low power state technologies.  This is key as it will have lower idle power
consumption and generate less heat. Our base clock was as 136.7MHz in these images because the Gigabyte P55A-UD6 motherboard was increasing the base clock this much on auto for some reason. Gigabyte is working on some new BIOS revisions for this board, so in the future the base clock will be 133MHz.  When we went to do benchmarking on this board we took the base clock off ‘auto’ settings and manually set it to 133MHz, so all the processors were on an even playing field.

Intel Core i7 875K Lynnfield Processor Light Load

During regular use the Intel Core i7-875K can jump up to the rated
clock frequency of 3.6GHz (as shown above) when turbo mode is enabled and a load is on just one of the cores. 

Intel Core i7 875K Lynnfield Processor Heavy Load

Here we had Turbo mode enabled and all 4 of the cores were at full load, so the Intel Core i7-875K CPU was running at 3.20GHz. If Turbo mode is disabled the processor would top out at 2.93GHz, which is its ‘rated’ speed.

Intel Core i7 870 Lynnfield Processor

Intel Turbo Boost Technology is very interesting technology and it’s
impressive to see the core go from 1.2GHz to 3.6GHz depending on the
work load that is taking place on a processor like the 875K. Still confused?  Here is a great chart that shows you the modes of operation that are available with Intel Turbo Boost Technology for the Intel Core i7-875K processor. Note that bin refers to a +133 MHz increase in frequency.


Intel Core i7-875K
2.93 GHz

Processor Cores


Active Cores





Maximum Intel Turbo Boost Technology Bin Upside





Maximum Intel Turbo Boost Technology Frequency





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