Intel Core i7-875K 2.93GHz Unlocked Quad-Core Processor Review

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The Intel Core i7-875K CPU


Intel and AMD Processors

When it comes to Intel LGA 1156 platforms you have been able to get an awesome mainstream platform since the day it was introduced along with Intel Core i7 800 & i5 700 series ‘Lynnfield’ processors way back in September 2009. Over the past eight months the LGA 1156 platform has sold really well and one of the only complaints that we have heard with the platform from enthusiasts and gamers is that Intel has ignored the overclocker on this platform as they don’t offer any unlocked processors for this socket. Intel offers an unlocked Extreme Edition processor for their LGA 1366 platform, but the unlocked Extreme series CPUs are reserved only for the flagship processor for that product generation.  The Lynnfield processors aren’t part of the top tier product line, so Intel didn’t offer any unlocked parts. 

Intel Core i7 875K Unlocked Processor

In a move that shocked many, Intel has buckled to the demands of mainstream consumers and has launched a couple unlocked processors for the LGA 1156 platform!  The processors that are being announced today are the unlocked Intel Core i7-875K and Core i5-655K processors.

Intel 875K Unlocked CPU Specs

The Intel Core i5-655K Processor is a dual-core processor with Intel Hyper-Threading technology for a grand total of four threads. The processor features a 3.2GHz (3.46Ghz in Turbo) clock frequency along with Intel HD graphics, 4MB of cache and has a total TDP of 73 Watts.  The Intel Core i7-875K processor on the other hand is a quad-core processor with Intel Hyper-Threading technology for a total of eight threads.  The 875K has a clock frequency of 2.93GHz (3.60GHz in Turbo mode) a larger 8MB cache and a TDP of 95 Watts.

Intel 875K Unlocked CPU Specs

Other than some clock frequency changes the Intel Core i7-875K and Core i5-665K processors are internally identical to the other Lynnfield processors in their respective series. In fact the Intel Core i7-870 is identical to the Core i7-875K processor in regards to everything with the exception of the core being unlocked. The same is true for the Intel Core i5-655K as it is basically an unlocked Intel Core i5-650 processor. This means that these two SKUs, the i7-875K and i5-655K, are identical to existing parts besides the fact that they are unlocked (Turbo and DDR ratios). These ‘K-SKUs’ have been made available to deliver a better overclocking experience as you can easily increase the multiplier and now have the ability to change frequencies independently, which will make for much easier overclocking.

Intel 875K Unlocked CPU

The Intel Core i7-870 processor currently sells for $579.99 shipped on
Newegg and you might expect that Intel would raise prices. If that is
what you thought you couldn’t be more wrong.  Intel has priced the Intel
Core i7-875K processor at just $342! The Intel Core i6-655K on the other hand will be priced $40 above a standard Core i5-650 processor.  What is happening to the Intel Core i7-870 processor pricing? We asked Intel this question and this is what they had to say:

“Expect price reductions throughout the year as Intel always does!” – Intel PR

So yes, nobody in their right mind would buy an Intel Core i7-870 processor over an Intel Core i7-875K until the prices drop on the 870! Let’s take a closer look at the Core i7-875K processor that we are reviewing today!

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