Intel Core i5-4570T Haswell Processor Benchmarked – 35 Watt TDP Dual-Core CPU

The Intel 4th Generation Core Processors (Haswell) have been available for purchase for over a month now, but the low power/energy efficient “T” models are just now starting to be released. We weren’t sure how well these 35 Watt processors would perform, but it looks like they do pretty well. The folks over at PC Games Hardware have posted up some performance numbers and for 35 Watt Intel Core i5-4570T CPU and it looks pretty good.

Model Core Base clock Turbo L3-Cache TDP Price
Core i5-4670K 4 3.4 GHz up to 3.8 GHz 6 MB 84 Watt 242 USD
Core i5-4670 4 3.4 GHz up to 3.8 GHz 6 MB 84 Watt 213 USD
Core i5-4670S 4 3.1 GHz up to 3.8 GHz 6 MB 65 Watt 213 USD
Core i5-4670T 4 2.3 GHz up to 3.3 GHz 6 MB 45 Watt 213 USD
Core i5-4570 4 3.2 GHz up to 3.6 GHz 6 MB 84 Watt 192 USD
Core i5-4570S 4 2.9 GHz up to 3.6 GHz 6 MB 65 Watt 192 USD
Core i5-4570T 2 2.9 GHz up to 3.6 GHz 4 MB 35 Watt 192 USD
Core i5-4430 4 3.0 GHz up to 3.2 GHz 6 MB 84 Watt 182 USD
Core i5-4430S 4 2.7 GHz up to 3.2 GHz 4 MB 65 Watt 182 USD

The Intel Core i5-4570T is a dual core hyper-threaded part that has a base clock of 2.9GHz and 4MB of L3 cache. Thanks to Turbo speed technology it can reach clock frequencies of up to 3.6GHz though if conditions are right. When put to the test in some benchmarks, it looks like this 35 Watt part can really perform.


For example in Battlefield 3 at 1280×720 it was able to get 81.9 FPS on average, which is on par with the Intel Core i7-2600K (Sandy Bridge) processor that ran 82.6 FPS on average.  Pretty darn impressive for such a low Wattage part! Additional results can be found in the original article.


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