Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX9650 Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

This is another one of those conclusions that is hard to start because Intel has done so much with the Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX9650. It’s obvious that with the move to 45nm Hi-k metal gate process technology and going 100% lead-free that Intel reengineered many parts of this Core 2 series processor. As a result we have seen double digit performance increases in both performance and power savings, which is impressive as Intel did not increase the clock frequency from their previous flagship processor, the Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX6850.

Intel Tick-Toc

This brings us to the Intel Tick Toc model, where each “tick” represents the silicon compaction beat rate, and each “tick” has a corresponding “tock” representing the design of a new microarchitecture, delivered in approximately two-year cycles. Since Penryn/Yorkfield cores are die shrinks they would be a “tick” in the cycle, which means next year we will see the introduction of a new microarchitecture! In late 2008 Intel plans to introduce its Nehalem microarchitecture that is said to introduce possibly eight cores and an integrated memory controller! It is clear that Intel has been hard at work the past year bringing Penryn to market and it looks like they made it!

The processor we looked at was solid as it performed better, consumed less energy and was able to overclock by 33% to over 4GHz!  It doesn’t get much better than that! The new Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 is the fastest processor on the market today hands down. Now you’ll just have to wait a couple more weeks for them to be available in the market!

Legit Bottom Line: The Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX9650 is proudly taking over where Conroe and Kentsfield left off – driving the stake a little deeper into the heart of AMD.  AMD can only hope their upcoming Phenom processors can compete with Penryn and Yorkfield, because Intel is going full steam ahead and not looking back. 

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