Intel 1333FSB Processors Arrive – QX6850 and E6750

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We checked our processors with CPU-Z and determined that both our Intel QX6850 and E6750 were “B” steppings with a die revision of G0. Overclocking results will vary between different steppings and die revisions, so please keep this in mind.

Overclocking the QX6850:

 As previously mentioned the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 comes clocked at 3.00GHz and it’s performance is impressive to say the least, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get more out of it. We used the Corsair Nautilus 500 water cooler to help keep the four cores cool and then overclocked our Stepping B QX6850 processor.

QX6850 Stock Speeds

Using the ASUS PK53 Deluxe motherboard and BIOS version 0604 we set off to overclock the processor by increasing the front side bus (FSB) and the voltages that are found in the BIOS.

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After cranking up the voltage on the processor from 1.4250V we were able to reach 4.05GHz, which is an overclock of 1045MHz!  This was a stable overclock and was impressive for a quad-core processor! We hit a wall at 450MHz, but that’s not a bad point to reach!

Overclocking the E6750:

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The Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 processor is clocked at 2.66GHz right out of the box with a FSB of 333MHz. 

Overclocked QX6700 Results

We were able to crank up the FSB all the way to 460MHz without even touching the voltages on the board. After increasing the CPU voltage to 1.4500V the FSB was able to be increased 20MHz higher to 480MHz FSB or a quad pumped speed of 1920MHz, which is more than we expected to hit. This is an overclock of 1169MHz,  an overclock of 44%, on a processor that comes at a lucrative price point. For a processor that runs $183 when purchased in 1,000-unit quantities it means that this processor is going to be a monster for the enthusiast market as the sub $200 price point is within the reach of nearly all enthusiasts and gamers.

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