In-Win Ironclad ATX Full Tower PC Case Review

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Internal Impressions

Interior View of the In-Win Ironclad
Cracking the Ironclad open, we see that the interior paint matches the exterior which is one of the best features of this case in my opinion. I feel that it gives the case a professional appearance. There weren’t any sharp edges that I was able to find either, and installing any hardware won’t be much trouble at all with the spacious interior. As far as fitting in a 5970, that will be a tight fit if it fits at all.

Right Side View of the Motherboard Tray in the In-Win Ironclad
Jumping to the other side, we see of course the CPU cutout hole. I do think it should be bigger but for the price, that’s nitpicking it a little bit. Other than that there isn’t much else to see.

Interior of the Left Side Panel of the In-Win Ironclad
Here on the interior part of the side panel the first thing we notice is the sound dampening material that should aid in the noise reduction. Though I do wonder how well it would do that as most of this panel is mesh. Then we have the 22cm (220mm) LED fan. Sadly, I could not find any specs on this fan or any of the 120mm fans on the box, in the manual, or on the website.

View of the Sound Dampening Material on Right Side Panel lining up with the Motherboard Tray of the In-Win Ironclad
The other side panel has the same sound dampening material applied to the bottom portion of it as the other panel. I like how it lines up perfectly with the motherboard tray. As mentioned, I’m not sure how well this will reduce the noise but we’ll know shortly. Also worth mentioning is that if you’re looking to route some cables behind the motherboard tray you may run into issues with that due to the sound dampening material taking up some room. The lack of cutout holes for better cable routing doesn’t help a lot either.

View of the Drive Rail Tray and SSD Mount
Something you don’t normally see caught my attention. Up front there is a tray where the drive rails reside on both sides. It rests in one of the 5.25” drive bays which, quite honestly, is an excellent idea and place. Below the drive rail tray resides the 2.5″” bay with its own detachable
mount. Very nice.

In-Win Ironclad Drive Rail Tray
The tray holds the rails on both sides that are held firmly in place.

In-Win Ironclad 2.5 inch Drive Mount
And here is the mounting plate for the 2.5″ bay area. This is perfect for SSD’s. I liked this as the case I personally use does not have this so my SSD just sits in the case.

In-Win Ironclad Power Supply Dust Filter
Onward to the bottom: we see the power supply mount even came with a dust filter. Honestly, while the dust filter is a great idea, I feel that the concept isn’t executed very well as it literally sits underneath the power supply INSIDE the case, making it nearly impossible to clean it. You would need to remove the power supply to even get to the filter. I thought maybe mounting the filter underneath the case would be a solution but the case feet block the way. Also, you will see two circles which indicate where the two extra rubber power supply mounts would go should you use a power supply that is a bit long.

In-Win Ironclad Form Factor Stamp on Motherboard Tray
The motherboard tray has an imprinted stamp, creating a legend for the reference marks that are marked next to the pre-drilled holes for the necessary mounting screws. Helpful for the experienced or inexperienced builders.

In-Win Ironclad Front Panel connections: USB,e-SATA,Firewire, HD Audio, AC' 97
And finally, we have all the case connections, sleeved and labeled clearly. They are long so if you need to get creative with the cable routing, it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. The instruction manual does provide the information on connecting these properly.

In-Win Ironclad Front Panel Power LED connection
Also, I want to mention that the Power LED wire is split into 2 connections. One has the positive and negative wires next to each other while the other connector has them further apart for motherboards that have such a pin arrangement.

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