In Win F430 Red Mid Tower ATX Gamers Case Review

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Conclusion and final thoughts

The open F430 case overall

The overall build quality of the case was very good, the paint and finish of the case is outstanding. Installing parts into the case was nice and easy; all the edges of the case were either a bent corner or a rolled edge. Even a first time case builder would have to go out of his/her way to get cut. The engine starting sound when the power button is pressed is a nice touch to the car theme, but may get old after awhile.

A couple things that could have made this case better is a more universal style drive rails for the tool less drive bays. Would be nice if the hard drive cage would have included all 3 drives not just the 2 top drives. This just makes it a little more convenient for installing them into the case.

Heatsink interference issue

At 16.8” tall the F430 is short for a mid tower case, this starts to make itself apparent as I started assembling parts into the case. As you can see in the above image the cooling fins of the Zalman 9700 CPU cooler I use when mounted on my Asrock Conroe 945G-DVI motherboard the cooler hit the PSU body and prevented the motherboard from mounting properly. If the case was another 1″ taller that would allow the board to mount as well as open up a lot of options for aftermarket CPU air coolers.

The Zalman cooler in the picture above is 122mm wide, some other more popular coolers like the Thermalright Ultra 120 is 132mm wide, and the Thermaltake Big Typhon VX is 122mm wide. That extra inch could allow these coolers to be installed and allowing for some variations in CPU socket location on motherboards. This just shows that not every part will fit in every case, research your parts before you build. With this case, if the cooler you are looking at hangs over the edge of the motherboard you’re going to have issues and will want to find a different cooler; one that has a width at 100mm max.

Legit bottom line: The In Win F430 case is well built and stylish with a high quality paint job and finish that can be had for as little as $80 shipped. Even with the case being on the short side, build issues can be avoided with a little research.

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