In Win F430 Red Mid Tower ATX Gamers Case Review

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On to the inside

The insides of the In Win F430

Moving on to the inside of the F430 we can see the included 120mm fan, and the front port cabling. The mother board tray is not removable, having the tray removable is not a necessity but it does make installation easier. The tray has some pre-molded standoffs for the common used mounting locations. In Win also includes regular standoffs for you to put in place as you need them to match your board.

Inside look at the drive bays in the In Win F430

Here we have the drive bays. At the bottom of the case there are 3 hard drive bays, the top two can be removed to make the installation easier. Above that is what In Win calls the video card stabilization plate, this plate is to help stabilize long video cards. The external 3.5” bays are tool less, even the attachment of the drive rails to the device. There are four 5.25” drive bays; the top two are tool less, the bottom two are not.

Drive rail alignment issue

I did however run into one snag while trying to install a 5.25” device into the case. I tried to install an AeroCool FP-01 multifunction panel into the case. The case mounts are designed to make use of the top holes in the 4 hole pattern on the side of a 5.25” drive. When you try to use a device that only has the lower holes, like the black device in the above image, the device does not fit correctly into the case. So, when choosing parts for your build you should keep this in mind.

Over all look at the inside of the In Win F430 side panel

On the side panel, behind the “side scoop”, is the CPU duct and expansion card slot vent.

The new In Win Smart 3D UniDuct system

The CPU duct is In Win’s new Smart 3D UniDuct, it is adjustable front to back and can extend down to funnel air to the CPU cooler. So getting air to that stock cooler just got a little easier.

Behinded the F430 front panel

If you remove the front bezel you can see the front vent, a small circuit board, and system speaker. The font vent can accommodate an 80mm case fan to help cool the hard drive. To install the fan you have to remove the hard drive cage and the font panel. The circuit board and system speaker provide the final touch to the car theme, when you power up the system instead of the standard beep you get the sound of a Ferrari starting up. The volume is controlled by the black knob at the bottom of the circuit board.

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