In Win Dragon Rider Full Tower E-ATX PC Case Review

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In Win Dragon Rider Conclusion

In-Win Dragon Rider

The In-Win Dragon Rider has impressed me greatly. It definitely has its strengths with few weaknesses. Those weaknesses should not dampen the fact that this case is awesome. Sure, I could not close the side panel with a V10 installed, but installing 120mm fans in three of the six slots that would rest around the edge of the cooler should fix that issue. I do wish there was more room between the motherboard tray and the side panel, but it has enough room to have efficient cable management so it’s more of a nitpick. That and the dust filter for the power supply needs to be relocated to the exterior or not done at all in my opinion. In all honesty, I can’t think of anything else I did not like about this case; In-Win did a great job with the Dragon Rider. I cannot say enough good things about this case.

It has a killer all black paint job, it’s got a copious amount of room to work with, it is ready for USB 3.0, with enough expansion slots to satisfy those with a thirst for 3-Way SLI/Crossfire in almost any configuration. The Dragon Rider also has the ability to house eleven 120mm fans, which is more than most cases on the market. With its very reasonable price point of $159.99 and a generous three year warranty, the InWin Dragon Rider is poised to be one stiff competitor to the heavy hitters such the HAF series and Antec’s monster cases.

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Legit Bottom Line: The In-Win Dragon Rider sure is an awesome case with its all black and spacious interior, and its ability to house almost any hardware configuration you can think of. Couple that with having the option to install eleven case fans, a great price point and a nice three year warranty, and I believe the In Win Dragon Rider would be a great case for anyone to use.

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