In Win Dragon Rider Full Tower E-ATX PC Case Review

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Internal Impressions

Left Side of In-Win Dragon Rider

After opening up the In-Win Dragon Rider, I was greeted by my all time favorite aspect of a case, an all black interior. With the 120mm fan where the CPU cutout is, you really get an idea of how big the cutout is.

Right Side of In-Win Dragon Rider

Pardon my fingerprints. On the other side we have a better view of not only the CPU cutout, but also the cable routing holes.

Left Side Panel of In-Win Dragon Rider

On the left side panel we see the 220mm fan that is pre-installed. We also see the same sound dampening material In-Win used in previous cases.

Right Side Panel of In-Win Dragon Rider

The right side panel shows the 120mm fan used in additional ventilation. The mesh vent is almost as big as, if not bigger than, the CPU cutout itself. The right side panel is also indented outward for better cable management.

In-Win Dragon Rider Front Panel Cables

Here we have the front panel wires which consist of two USB 3.0 cables, two e-SATA cables, firewire (1394), USB 2.0, the HD Audio and AC’97 wires and, lastly, the motherboard connections for the power and reset along with the hard drive activity light.

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