In Win Dragon Rider Full Tower E-ATX PC Case Review

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External Impressions

Front of In-Win Dragon Rider

Up front we see how the Dragon Rider looks in all its glory. As mentioned earlier, it is similar to how the Dragon Slayer looks only quite a bit larger with the mesh appearance. The top five bay covers are easily removable by the clips on the sides.

Reverse Side of In-Win Dragon Rider Front Panel

Here we see how things look on the inside of the front panel. Dust filters line the inside of the panel and each bay cover.

Left Side of In-Win Dragon Rider

On the left side (looking from the front) we see In-Win’s familiar design with the 220mm side fan. The left side panel also has the ability to install six 120mm case fans.

Right Side of In-Win Dragon Rider

Here on the right side, we see that In-Win decided to place a 120mm fan behind the CPU area for added ventilation. A 120mm fan is a nice option there; other cases I have seen either used a custom sized fan or an 80mm fan. The side panel is indented outward for added cable management so we will see how much room we have once we get inside.

Rear of In-Win Dragon Rider

Looking at the back of the In-Win Dragon Rider we get a view of the eight expansion slots that will most definitely be able to house 3 dual-slotted graphics cards in 3-Way SLI or Crossfire. Next we see the four inlet/outlet holes for your water coolers out there. Of course, one of those holes can accommodate the USB 3.0 cable if you need to connect it to the back of your motherboard. The last two things we see are the 120mm fan area and the bottom mounted power supply area.

Top of In-Win Dragon Rider

Up top we have room for two 120mm case fans or, if you want, a 240mm water radiator. Toward the front we have the I/O panel with the power and reset buttons, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, one firewire and, lastly, two e-SATA ports. Not a bad arrangement there.

Bottom of In-Win Dragon Rider

On the bottom of the In-Win Dragon Rider, we have the vent for the bottom mounted power supply area along with the swiveling case feet. Not much else to report on here.

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