In Win B2 Stealth Bomber ATX Computer Case

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Installation and Conclusion

Installing Parts

In Win B2 Stealth Bomber PC Case

In Win gives you everything needed to mount hardware in your case. A first for me, In Win also provides a decal sheet if you want to fancy up the outside of your case. I will say this though: the directions for installing parts is one big poster that consists of images and numbers for indicating steps, no text. If this is your first build no worries; the images are quite clear on what it is you are to be doing for each step.

In Win B2 Stealth Bomber PC Case

After installing my drives, PSU, and the motherboard stand offs, I went to put the mother board in and it become quickly apparent that leaving the drive rail caddy in wasn’t going to be an option.

In Win B2 Stealth Bomber PC Case

A small issue came up, not so much due to the case but my choice of cooler. I already had the Thremaltake DuOrb installed on my motherboard so I left if on for my testing of the case. There were some clearance issues with the rear fan housing, so I removed it and attached the rear fan with screws. In doing so I somewhat shot my self in the foot. In removing the rear fan housing I removed part of the latching system for the side intake fans. This didn’t cause any noise, but it left things wobbly.


In Win B2 Stealth Bomber PC Case

Over all the In Win B2 Stealth is a neat looking case with a very nice paint scheme, an over the top preinstalled case mod, and the auto bay door. The B2 has an average street price of around $120, for that you get the nice looks, tool-less (for the most part), a cool mod, and case with good air flow.

In Win could have done a couple of things differently, though. I would have liked to have seen full tool-less drive bays. Not sure why someone would want only half the 5.25 drive bays to be tool-less. I would have preferred the hard drive bay to be fully removable rather than swivel.

The case is a little on the snug side… ok, a lot. It would have been nicer if it were about an inch longer as there is only 10.6 inches between the hard drive cage to the back of the case. The length of an ATI 3870X2 is 10.5 inches; it will fit but it will be a very close fit. If you want to gain access to the front fan you will have to remove the card.

Again it’s a neat feature but I would like to have seen something different with the drive bay door. I can’t help but wonder what the cost of the case would be with out all the drive components needed to raise and lower the door.

Legit Bottom Line: The B2 Stealth is a quiet case that has the styling cues from the plane it’s named for. The door is neat but may get old after a while, and being a little cramped those running large cards may want to look elsewhere.

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