Icy Dock MB882SP and MB982IP Hard Drive Converter Reviews

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Icy Dock MB982IP-1S-1

Next, we have the MB982IP-1S-1.  This is the more advanced version of the 2.5” to 3.5” hard drive converters that Icy Dock offers.  Like the MB882SP-1S series, there are multiple versions of the MB982IP-1S line.  The MB982SP-1S is the closest match to the MB882SP-1S series as it supports SATA and SSD drives.  The MB982IP-1S-1 has added bonus of supporting SAS drives.  Finally, a third version of the MB982IP-1S line includes the ability to install two SATA or SSD and put them into a RAID (0, 1, BIG and Port Multiplier) configuration. Icy Dock sent the MB982IP-1S-1 model.


The box for the MB982IP-1S-1 is similar to the box for the MB882SP-1S-1, however this one is mostly a silver color.  The front once again provides a very brief overview of the converter.


The back of the box provides a little more information, but still not very much information.  The key specifications are listed, along with a few of the features.


As expected, Icy Dock includes a brief manual, which covers the installation process in six different languages.  In addition, a little bag containing four tiny screws is included which I found no use for the screws.


The MB982IP-1S-1 is protected in the box by a bubble wrap bag.  This provides more than enough protection for a metal enclosure.


The top of the converter is a large door that pops up when opened.  On the door Icy Dock has their logo painted on, and down the middle of the lid are some exhaust vents to help with airflow.


Nothing much on the bottom of the converter, a simple label which indicated the model number, serial number and some environmental information.  Along the edge there are four screw holes which correspond with the screw holes on a standard 3.5” drive. Near the data connections there are also some air vents for airflow.  Otherwise, the bottom of the converter is plain.


The MB982IP-1S-1 only has a SAS connection to be fully compatible with most SAS installations.  If you wish to use the MB982IP-1S-1 with a SATA connection, you will want to get the MB982IP-1S.  While the MB882SP line has a lid that slides off the MB982IP-1S line has a push button to pop the lid open.


The lid includes heavy duty retaining springs, which Icy Dock calls Smart Fit.  It allows the installation of SAS or SATA hard drives ranging from 7mm to 15mm thick!  Between each of the Smart Fit springs are some air vents to allow some airflow inside the converter.


Inside the base of the converter is plenty of room to insert the hard drive.  A feature of the MB982IP-1S line is a plastic drive lift.  If you are removing the hard drive from the converter, you can lift the plastic piece by a little tab, raising the hard drive out of the converter.


Once a hard drive is placed in the converter, simply closing the lid will push the drive onto the SAS/SATA internal connection.  Also, as expected if you open the lid, the drive will be removed from the internal connection.

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