Icy Dock MB882SP and MB982IP Hard Drive Converter Reviews

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Icy Dock MB882SP-1S-1B

The first 2.5” to 3.5” hard drive converter that we will be looking at is the MB882SP-1S.  There are two versions of the MB882SP-1S, the review sample we received is the MB882SP-1S-1B.  When comparing the 1B and the 2B version, the only difference I can see is that the enclosure cover on the 2B is removable, while the 1B it is hinged and stays attached to the enclosure.


The MB882SP-1B-1S comes in a retail box that presents a very brief overview of the converter.


If you happen to find this in a retail setting, the back of the box provides slightly more information.  Not much is needed on the packaging as the name of the product tells us almost everything we need to know.


The accessories bundled with the enclosure is very basic.  Icy Dock provides a very short one page user manual, and four tiny screws.


As there isn’t much to the converter, Icy Dock has kept packaging down by placing the enclosure inside of a plastic bag and putting it inside the box.  No other packaging is necessary to be honest.


The entire converter is made out of plastic, and isn’t meant to be fancy.  The top of the MB882SP-1S-1B has two places to use as grips for your fingers as the lid slides down before being raised so the hard drive can be inserted into the enclosure.


A quick view of the bottom presents a glimpse of a label providing model, serial number and a few other notifications.  Here there are four screw holes, reinforced by metal so they are much tougher to strip.  Here we can also see the SATA connections.


Along one of the edges is the standard SATA connections, providing both data and power.  In addition, there are air vents to allow some airflow through the enclosure to help keep the drive cool.  This is a passive cooling method, the addition of a fan would increase the size of the enclosure.


On the MB882SP-1S-1B the lid is on a hinge to be raised up, where the 2B version the lid can be removed.  Both lids have a small hard drive retaining spring to keep the drive secure within the enclosure


In the base of the converter is a tray for the hard drive, it is tool-less, so just place the drive in place, and when the lid is closed, it will make the data connection automatically.  Likewise, when the lid is opened, it will remove the drive from the SATA data connections. 


Please note that this particular converter was designed to fully support any standard 2.5″ SATA 9.5mm height SSDs or HDDs. For 2.5″ drives that are 7mm in height (e.g Samsung 830 SSD), the tool-less drive load may not work properly. Performing a manual install into the device is an alternative method to provide better compatibility. Please see the installation video below for more information.

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