iConnplus iBP1200 iPhone 3G Case/Charger

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iConnplus Design and Function

The case itself is leather with a flip cover which has a soft felt-like interior that won’t scratch the iPhone’s screen. The iPhone itself fits right into a plastic molded shell complete with slightly raised rubber bumpers to prevent scratching the back of the phone, and at the bottom is the familiar docking connector. Note that this shell is very specific to the iPhone 3G shape so first generation iPhones and iPod Touch devices will not fit properly and should not be used with the iConnplus case, although a Touch version is reportedly in the works.

iConn+ case without phone    iConn+ case with phone

One of the things I like about the iPhone is its sleek design that makes it easy to slide into a pocket. The iConnplus does add bulk to the phone but this is to be expected. You are adding a battery after all! Even so, being just over 3oz, it doesn’t make it overly heavy nor is it unnecessarily bulky. The patterned leather has a nice feel and overall it has solid, well-manufactured construction.

iPhone in iConn+ side view

iPhone in iConn+ back view

In addition, there’s a hole strategically placed for the camera to do its work and a metal plate at the folding base of the case that protects the mini USB connector port area from a hard landing. What about the speaker and microphone you ask? There are passages built into the case for the microphone and speaker and I found no reduction in performance from either while the phone was in the case. On to the good stuff.

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