IBM 64-Unix server benchmarks dominate competition

IBM’s eServer p5 595 64p benchmarks have surpassed a 3m per minute transaction record, trouncing the HP Integrity Superdome  producing just over 1m transactions per minute (tpmC). The $16-million p5 system utilizes 64 1.9GHz IBM Powers (IBM Power5) CPU’s. HP’s $8-million Integrity Superdome utilizing 64 1.5GHz Intel Itanium2 CPU’s currently holds 3rd place in the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s TPC-C results. IBM’s $5-million eServer pSeries 690 featuring 32 1.9GHz Power4+ CPU’s, holds second place as well with just over 1.025m transactions per minute. Given the IT world’s dependence on such technologies the news bodes well for Big Blue, especially in price/performance. Full story.

“The new result gives IBM an excuse to bash HP and Sun Microsystems. IBM’s Power5 chip appears to be the most solid readily available high-end processor on the market, giving both Intel’s Itanium and Sun’s UltraSPARC IV fits.” Ashlee Vance in Chicago (The Register)


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