HyperX and Legit Reviews Celebrate 15 Years Working Together in 2017

For our last post of 2017 we wanted to give a shout out to the folks over at HyperX. HyperX sent us over a sweet bundle box full of goodies last month to show their appreciation to us for working together for the past 15 years. Believe it or not, HyperX and Legit Reviews both started out in November 2002! For 15 years, the HyperX mission has been to develop gaming products for gamers – high-speed memory, solid state drives, headsets, keyboards, mice, USB flash drives, and mouse pads – to the gaming community and beyond. The mission here at Legit Reviews is to review gaming products for the community to ensure folks purchase products they’ll be happy with. No wonder we’ve worked together since the start!

HyperX Love Box

The HyperX team sent out ‘care packages’ to gamers and social media influencers back in June/July 2017 and it looks like they had some left over and passed one along to us. We weren’t expecting it and it feels good to get something you don’t have to review for a change.  Inside the box were the following items:

HyperX has shipped well over three million gaming headsets since releasing the original HyperX Cloud gaming headset in April 2014. That means they are selling over 2,000 gaming headsets a day, which is pretty impressive and just goes to show how large the gaming business can be. Congratulations to the HyperX team for helping gamers be the best they can for the past 15 years and we look forward to working with you for many more years! We wish all of our readers a safe and happy 2018!