Huntkey Announces X7 900W Power Supply with Five +12V Rails at 90 Amps

Power Supply maker Huntkey Enterprise Group, claims that they have found the best solution for end-users after considerable investigation and research. Which wattage of power supply is the most useful and suitable to end-users? Through investigation, Huntkey finds that a PSU of around 900W is more and more popular among gamers and DIY enthusiasts. However the expensive price stops most customers. Around the world, the price of kilowatt-level power supply is around USD $240. Can customers have a high-level power supply with higher quality but lower price? The company says the Huntkey X7 900W power supply does. The Huntkey X7 900 is an 80PLUS Silver certified that they are announcing today. Sadly, they don’t mention the price of this new PSU even though their press release said that is has a lower price tag than many of the 1KW models on the market today.

Huntkey X7 900W Power Supply

Efficiency is the biggest concern of most enthusiasts. How does Huntkey X7 900W PSU measure up? “Interleaved PFC”: It turns one traditional big PFC into two smaller CCM PFCs that operate in turns. By doing this, it reduces the ripple currents both of input and output and current stress on PFC FETs and improves the PFC efficiency by one or two percent. “Phase-shifted ZVS full bridge”: Lots of PSU on the market now works by traditional “hard switching” topology such as double-forward or half-bridge. “Soft switching” topology such as in the Huntkey X7 900W normally uses high efficiency server power supply and telecom power supply over 3000W to realize up to 90% transfer efficiency.

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