HIS Radeon HD 6850 IceQ X Turbo 1GB Video Card Review

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Batman: Arkham Asylum

HIS Radeon HD 6850 Turbo Video Card Batman AA

Batman: Arkham Asylum is an action-adventure stealth video game based on DC Comics’ Batman for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. It was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in conjunction with Warner Bros.

HIS Radeon HD 6850 Turbo Video Card Bad Company 2 Batman AA Settings

For our testing we set everything as high as it would go including Multi Sample Anti-Aliasing as we set that to 8x.

HIS Radeon HD 6850 Turbo Video Card Batman AA Chart

Benchmark results: As we can see, the HIS Radeon HD 6850 Turbo had absolutely no problems playing Batman: Arkham Asylum with all of the settings cranked up as high as they could go; although it didn’t quite get the frame rates of the XFX card it was still able to give us stunning graphics and top notch game play. Besides, 5 FPS is minimal if you ask me. Plus it seemed to be neck in neck with the Sapphire 6850; they were dead even, to be exact.

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