HIS Radeon HD 5750 iCooler IV Video Card Benchmarking

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Overclocking the HIS 5750

To overclock the HIS Radeon HD5750 all I had to do was unlock the Catalyst Control Center which gives me access to overdrive screen.  The ATI overdrive allows you to manually set the Core clock, memory clock, and the fan speed.  The Catalyst Control Center is bundled with the driver from ATI.


I was able to push the Core clock to the maximum allowed by ATI’s Overdrive utility. The memory was able to be pushed from 1150 MHz up to 1400 MHz, which is an impressive boost. To check stability I ran FurMark 1.70 for a minimum of 15 minutes.

3dMark Vantage

A combined score 8461 isn’t a bad score at all.

3dMark Vantage

A combined score of 10161 with only a little time is much better.

Benchmark Results: Being able to increase your core clock speed 16% and your memory almost 22% makes the HIS Radeon HD5750 a beast when it comes to overclocking.

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