HIS Radeon 9800Pro IceQ Video Card

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we have another HIS product up for review. This time it is their Excalibur
9800 Pro IceQ version which is part of their Enthusiast class product
line. We will give you the grand tour of this card and also look into
their IceQ cooling system featured on this card. We are looking at their
128MB of DDR memory version as opposed to their 256MB of DDRII version
which is also available.

We have
touched on HIS as a company in our last video card review of their 9600XT
Turbo graphics card, so we will skip that part and move right on in to
the review. For more information on HIS as a company, please visit their

move on to see what kind of bundle HIS has put with their 9800 Pro IceQ.


HIS Package

HIS has
included a driver CD, PowerDirector 2.5, PowerDVD 5, and a 6-in-1 CD with
the following Game Demos: Comanche4, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down, Serious
Sam: The Second Encounter, Tom Clancy: Black Thorn, Vietcong, and Worms
Blast. Also included is a User Manual, 4-pin power splitter, S-Video to
Composite adapter, S-Video cable, Composite video cable, and a DVI to
VGA adapter. The last thing included is your very own Half-life 2 coupon
for whenever the game is finally released.

HIS has
added a few more things than just their standard package for this Enthusiast
level card like a full length composite video cable and the 4-pin power
splitter. So, the HIS 9800 Pro is ready to be used to its full potential.

On to the card!

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