HIS Radeon 9600SE ViVo Video Card

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The Card:

Front of card.
Back of card.

The card
itself looks very basic; as most budget graphics cards do. The cooling
solution is very basic with an aluminum heatsink actively cooled by a
very quiet fan. This card can very easily be confused with the non-VIVO
version if you don’t notice the difference between a VIVO port (9-pins)
and an S-Video port (4-pins). The next difference is the presence of an
ATI Rage Theater (or similar) chip located on the card.

DVI, VIVO, and VGA ports
Rage Theater Chip for VIVO

Bottom of heatsink
The Core
The Memory

The bottom
of the heatsink is shown above and as you can see the surface is not the
best, but this is all that is really needed to cool a 9600SE core. The
clip on the heatsink is curved to ensure constant contact of the heatsink
to the core. The picture of the core says this Radeon 9600 SE core was
manufactured during week 42 of 2003.

HIS went
with TSOP Hynix IC’s (part#: HY5DU561622CT-4,
see page 8) on the 9600SE VIVO Edition. This memory is rated to 250MHz
(4ns – 2.5 volts). With the memory clocked at 182.3MHz according to RadClocker,
we have potential to see a pretty good overclock from this card.

Now let’s find out how this card performs!

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