Hector Ruiz Has Advice for Intel’s Next CEO

Former AMD CEO Hector Ruiz has offered the next Intel CEO a few tips to keep Intel headed in the right direction. You can read his thoughts yourself in an editorial he published in Businessweek that is certainly worth a quick read. Ruiz argues that the next Intel CEO will have it tougher than the other recent heads as Intel is no longer the company it was a decade ago and is not the leader in the mobile space. He goes on to say that Intel show split the business and focus on the server market, PC market and mobile market in three properly structured units. His advice makes sense, but it’s always easy to give advice from the outside looking in.

Hector Ruiz

“Wall Street and the media may declare that the PC market is dead or that mobile is the future. The truth is that computing, in all its evolving forms, remains and will remain king. The products consumers want will change whenever the industry innovates and offers something new and better. Intel should make its mission continuous innovation in computing of all kinds.” – Hector Ruiz


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