Hackers Aim to Sabotage Holiday Computing

I hope Santa treated all of you very well. Merry Christmas everyone.  If you gave or got a new system or components, take a few minutes and update your protection….there seems to be more than a few “Grinches” out there.

“Hackers, spammers and spies go into overdrive in December and January, when unsuspecting neophytes unwrap new computers, connect to the Internet, and, too often, get hit with viruses, spyware and other nefarious programs.

“People want to get on the Net right away, just like they want to put together and start using any Christmas present,” said Tony Redmond, chief technology officer of Palo Alto, Calif.-based computer giant Hewlett-Packard Co., whose new PCs ship with 60 days of virus and adware protection. “They should be warned that the Net is a very, very dangerous place.”

The New York City fund-raiser clicked on a happy-face attachment in a friend’s e-mail last year. The virus crashed her computer within an hour.”


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