GTX 690 Overclocked To World Record 1547MHz Using LN2

A hapless GTX 690 has been overclocked to within an inch of its life by the overclocking experts over at Kingpin Cooling. Using LN2, TiN managed to actually hit 1600MHz with it, but it wasn’t stable, so he backed off a bit to 1547MHz, which did achieve stability, along with a video RAM speed of 7336MHz effective. The card was tested on a Core i7 3960X Sandy Bridge-E system running at 4.5GHz and achieved a 3D Mark 11 score of 20962 points, which is a whopping 50% higher than a stock card. To achieve this score with regular cards would take two AMD HD 7970s clocked at 1260/7400 MHz or two GTX 680s at 1527/7132. Graphics cards are getting really powerful these days.


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