GTX 680’s Big Brother, GK110 ‘Big Kepler’ Has Big Specs, Due Q3

There seems to be a lot of graphics card news lately, especially of the leaked, speculative kind. Probably the most interesting speculative news is that of the GTX 680 GK104’s big brother, the GK110, dubbed by some as “Big Kepler” – and with good reason.

This latest leak suggests a slightly later release date than thought – not August, but September. This bad boy will feature twice the RAM of the GTX 680, making it a monstrous 4GB RAM, while other specs are as previously reported, 2304 CUDA cores 512-bit memory bus, 250W TDP and performance around 20-25% better than GTX 680. To be honest though, with the double-size memory bus, one would expect a better performance advantage than this, since such a bus is very expensive to implement in real hardware, hence a larger expected payoff is reasonable. These are early days yet, so the performance could well be more like 50% faster by the time it’s launched.

  GeForce GTX 685 (GK110) GeForce GTX 680 (GK104)
CUDA Cores 2304 1536
Memory Size 4096 MB 2048/4096 MB
Memory Interface 512-bit 256-bit
Release Date September-October March
GPU GeForce Kepler GK110 28nm GeForce Kepler GK104 28nm
Power Draw ~250W 195W
Performance 120-125% 100%

Sources: ORB-Hardware VideoCardz

Naming of GK110 is not yet confirmed, but it may be called GeForce GTX 685. NVIDIA is preparing dual-gpu card GTX 690 (based on two GK104) to be released right after AMD releases their Radeon HD 7990.


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