Griffin HELO TC iOS-Controlled RC Helicopter Review

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YouTube Videos of The HELO TC

In closing, we’ll leave you with some videos by Griffin on the HELO TC and the top 10 HELO TC missions. If you’d like to learn more about it, be sure to check out the Griffon Technology web page for the HELO TC.

Griffin made three viral marketing videos for the HELO TC.

The fine print says the flight action has been enhanced for dramatic effect, but you get the general idea.

Top 10 HELO TC Missions (complete at your own risk):

  • Find a toy kiosk at the mall and pretend you’re demoing the product
  • Fly the HELO TC in your local Apple store
  • Helicopter face-off between 2 friends
  • Pull up to the valet asking where to park the HELO TC
  • Hovering over your stall in the restroom
  • Scaring your neighbor’s incessantly barking dog
  • Cubical farm assaults on coworkers
  • Picking up girls at a bar
  • Keeping kids entertained at the playground
  • HELO TC meeting the height requirement to get on a ride at the fair
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