Grand Theft Auto V Collector’s Edition Unboxing Video


Grand Theft Auto V was released on September 17th, and made big splashes for its incredible moments, vastly reworked mechanics, and of course its controversial nature. Even I couldn’t break away to write up this very article until I had gone hands on with the game myself. It is truly an engrossing game. It pulls you into the action from the get go and the fun dial never dials back down.

The game is barely a week old at the time of writing this article, and it has already made video game history and broke huge records. It made over $800 million in its very first day of sales. In three days, it managed to break over 1 billion dollars in sales. Even its midnight launch, I took a part of at my local GameStop, was one of the biggest gatherings of gamers to buy a single game I have ever seen. We had to wrap around buildings the line was so long. It was the first time I ever saw a video game store hire a DJ and order pizza for its customers.

Because I am such a huge fan of Rockstar, and their beloved Grand Theft Auto series, I had to pre-order their collector’s edition. Call me crazy, but I had no problem paying $150 for the experiences GTA V has given me, but at least I get some justification for all that money. The Collector’s edition came with multiple physical goodies, like a Los Santos snapback hat, a secure money bag, and a steelbook case for the game itself. I also enjoyed the virtual goods that gave me discounts to the in game stores, and free cars for use in singleplayer and the online multiplayer launching on October 1st.

Check out the complete unboxing below. Hope to see you guys and gals on PSN as soon as GTA online goes live!