Gran Turismo Sport Launches October 17

The long running beta for Gran Turismo Sport on the PlayStation game console has ended. As that beta ends, a new trailer launched in Europe and that trailer tipped the launch date for the game on the PS4. In the US Gran Turismo Sport will launch on October 17 and it will launch in Europe and Australia on October 18.

This is the first hard launch date that had been offered since the game was delayed in 2016. Before the game launches we will see a full reveal of the cars and tracks that will be featured in the game. The exact time frame for that unveil is unknown, Sony just says “soon.”

Sony did reveal the box art for the game with images of the Day One, Steelbook, and Collector’s Editions seen here. GT Sport has been confirmed by Sony to run at 4K resolution and 60 FPS on the PS4 Pro game console and the game will get HDR support.

The game will support the PS VR headset, but dynamic time and weather aren’t supported. Dynamic time and weather are features that past titles in the franchise supported. Sony dropped those features to help improve frame rates. Players will have to choose time and weather before the race starts reports Gamespot.