Government Upset They Can’t Monitor Apple’s Encrypted Chat Service – iMessages

CNET is reporting that branches of the US Government are trying but unable to break the encryption on Apple’s iMessage system. If you’re unfamiliar iMessage is an iOS feature that allows a chat style text messaging between almost all products in the Apple ecosystem (the exclusion being Apple TV, Routers, etc.). The main difference being, instead of being sent across a wireless connection like 3G, LTE, CDMA, etc. the messages are sent across the internet through Apple’s servers.

The service, when introduced in 2011, was promised to have end to end encryption to keep it secure and private and apparently Apple has done a decent job. iMessage has become increasingly popular rising to over 300 billion messages sent since it’s release about two years ago.

Why does the DEA want to watch your messages? Well they claim that’s for your own good. To make sure that criminals and terrorists aren’t up to nefarious activities and for national security. The debate on the legality of monitoring communications have recently been in the courts and argued in the US Congress.

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